Vino with Nino: Episode 1

Here’s Episode 1 of Compound Productions’ first recurring web show, “Vino with Nino”. Host Nino Cooper, of the Dirty River Boys, introduces a new wine varietal with each episode and invites guests from the Texas music scene to talk about life as professional musicians on the back porch. Hope you enjoy.

Vino with Nino: Episode 1

Austin Chronicle Keeping Austin Weird

When we read that the Austin Chronicle was hosting the Adult Spelling Bee (March 19, 2011) at Threadgill’s we were sure it was going to be a fun time and a cool event to document. As soon as we started filming we knew we would be able to make a brief documentary of the evening.

We’d like to thank the Austin Chronicle for allowing us to document and Threadgill’s for fulfilling our sound needs.

Watch the video at the chronolog.

“Road Song” By the Dirty River Boys

“Carnival Lights” by the Dirty River Boys

Multi-camera 7D shoot: What we learned

In March, Compound was commissioned to produce a series of live concert videos for some prominent groups in the Texas music scene.  For various reasons,  I decided to shoot this event on the Canon 7D.  Actually, four 7D’s.  I come from a live television background, so the multi-camera shoot is not new territory for me.  The challenges were all incidental to the nature of shooting video on a DSLR.  The advantages, similarly, were all due to the nature of shooting video on a DSLR (see what I did there?).  It was a huge learning experience, and below I’ll attempt to … Continue Reading

SXSW in review from Mezz 2

For the second consecutive year, I’ve signed up to work with the New Media department at SXSW.  The position I take is that of a glorified volunteer.  The traits that glorify it are 1) insane hours before and during the fest, 2) staff lanyard (the act of being handed a staff lanyard is simultaneously thrilling and depressing) and 3) I get to recruit my own edit team.

Officially, my title is New Media Editor Crew Chief. It’s catchy, I know.  Even if it doesn’t appear that I get anything out of this at … Continue Reading

Final Cut Pro: We’re sticking with it

My personal edit desk. I like to stay organized.

There is currently no discussion more prominent among independent editors and post production houses as the  one  involving Final Cut Pro; specifically whether or not to stick with it, when there are other [and some would say better] options available.  Most blog posts on this topic from other professionals make an attempt to sway their readers’ opinions, maybe just to convince themselves that they are making the right decision when it comes to … Continue Reading

It’s definitely not a secret…

I love QR codes. Whenever I see one I can’t help but scan it. Recently I’ve come across a few that I thought were interesting.

This past weekend my Mom had a huge birthday party and she bought herself some flowers from Home Depot. Guess what was on the tag. A QR code! After scanning it I found out that the orchid/bromeliad house plant that my mom got prefers filtered indirect light.

When I got back to work after the weekend’s celebrations there was an issue of Dwell sitting on my desk. … Continue Reading

The Excitement

I’m so excited that the new website is finally up and running. Of course, this is just one of the sources from which you can access all the goodness that is Compound Productions. We’ve got it all: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo. So however you’d like please contact us! We’d love to hear from you, even if it’s just to say how awesome the new site is!

See you around!

Welcome to the new

Thanks for visiting Compound Productions.  We just unveiled the new concept for the website and you’re one of the first to lay your eyes on the refreshed design. You’re welcome.

We are proud of our “less is more” approach to the design.  That was Ben’s idea, my brother.  I tried talking him into allowing me to put animated GIF’s of wizards and flying pigs, etc.  His design education threw up in its mouth a little bit, so I changed my tune.  This blog is where Ben and I will cut loose and just let our words, pictures and links run wild. … Continue Reading

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