Vino with Nino: Episode 1

Here’s Episode 1 of Compound Productions’ first recurring web show, “Vino with Nino”. Host Nino Cooper, of the Dirty River Boys, introduces a new wine varietal with each episode and invites guests from the Texas music scene to talk about life as professional musicians on the back porch. Hope you enjoy.

Vino with Nino: Episode 1

It’s definitely not a secret…

I love QR codes. Whenever I see one I can’t help but scan it. Recently I’ve come across a few that I thought were interesting.

This past weekend my Mom had a huge birthday party and she bought herself some flowers from Home Depot. Guess what was on the tag. A QR code! After scanning it I found out that the orchid/bromeliad house plant that my mom got prefers filtered indirect light.

When I got back to work after the weekend’s celebrations there was an issue of Dwell sitting on my desk. While skimming through i spotted another QR on an ad for It took me to the website where I could buy everything in the ad! If you’re feeling generous you can get me Desk 51 by Blu Dot.