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SXSW in review from Mezz 2

For the second consecutive year, I’ve signed up to work with the New Media department at SXSW.  The position I take is that of a glorified volunteer.  The traits that glorify it are 1) insane hours before and during the fest, 2) staff lanyard (the act of being handed a staff lanyard is simultaneously thrilling and depressing) and 3) I get to recruit my own edit team.

Officially, my title is New Media Editor Crew Chief. It’s catchy, I know.  Even if it doesn’t appear that I get anything out of this at … Continue Reading

Final Cut Pro: We’re sticking with it

My personal edit desk. I like to stay organized.

There is currently no discussion more prominent among independent editors and post production houses as the  one  involving Final Cut Pro; specifically whether or not to stick with it, when there are other [and some would say better] options available.  Most blog posts on this topic from other professionals make an attempt to sway their readers’ opinions, maybe just to convince themselves that they are making the right decision when it comes to … Continue Reading

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