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The Long Juju (2024)

Feature Documentary (Post-Production)

Director: Keme Nzerem, Piers Leigh

Producer(s): Tolu Stedford, Lily Usher

A few years ago British award-winning journalist, Keme Nzerem, uncovered an ancient will that turned his world upside down: a descendent of both white American enslavers, and Nigerian slave traffickers. Offering a new and nuanced perspective on the transatlantic slave trade, Keme discovers what happened to the people his family enslaved, travelling from Nigeria to the American South. On this journey of self-discovery Keme reconciles with his family’s link to slavery and answers deep rooted questions about his own mixed identity.


Welcome to Aylesbury (2024)

Short Documentary (Post-Production)

Director: Coco Jackie

Producer(s): Tolu Stedford, Lily Usher

A passionate, housing-crisis activist, Aysen Dennis (in her 60s), is suddenly forced to pack up her Aylesbury council estate home, as it comes up for demolition. Reluctantly packing her boxes, Aysen then has no choice
but to face the unpacking of the memory of her late sister whose ‘ghost’ still very much lives inside the apartment.


The Medallion (2023)

Short Documentary

Director: Ruth Hunduma

Producer(s): Tolu Stedford, Lily Usher

A single piece of jewellery holds the story of generations. Ruth was barely a teenager when her mother passed down her Medallion, etched with the golden portrait of Nefertiti. Together, they go back to Ethiopia and explore her mother’s story as a survivor of the Red Terror genocide. Amidst a new civil war, the two revisit a country bursting with history and culture.

The Medallion is a short documentary funded by the BFI Doc Society and One Small Barking Dog. Winner of Best Documentary Short at San Francisco International Film Festival (2024) and Best International Short Film by the Student Jury at Clermont-Ferrand (2024). The Medallion had its UK premiere at Aesthetica Short Film Festival (2023), and its US premiere at DOC NYC (2023). The documentary is an Official Selection of Short of the Week, London Short Film Festival (2024), Clermont-Ferrand (2024), True/False Film Fest (2024), Glasgow Short Film Festival (2024), San Francisco International Film Festival (2024), Movies That Matter (2024), Hot Docs (2024) and Docaviv (2024). The Medallion has been acquired by The New Yorker and will premiere online in North America in the summer of 2024. SUDU Connexion is the distributor for sales in France and Germany. 


The Women Inside (2022)

Short Film

Director: Bethany Ann Macdonald

Producer(s): Tolu Stedford, Lily Usher

The Women Inside follows four fictional Black, migrant and refugee women as they express the trials and tribulations of going through the UK criminal justice and asylum systems. The fictional women in this film (performed by Anni Domingo, Ayesha Antoine, Laura Asare, Tolu Stedford, and directed by Bethany Ann McDonald), represent real women from Hibiscus Women’s Centre who have collectively written the screenplay to create a narrative that shares their thoughts and feelings about living in Britain amidst the constant threat of deportation. 

The Women Inside won the Jury Award at the London Independent Film Festival 2023, and is an Official Selection of the ECOFeminism Festival (2024) and The Global Migration Film Festival (2024).

Women Inside Campaign

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